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What are guylights, you ask? Well, they are men's highlights, and they are the new biggest trend! We absolutely love them!

Are you wearing your hair longer now that quarantine helped you get past that awkward hair stage? If so, you are the perfect candidate for guylights! Longer hair always looks best with a little dimension, and that is exactly what well placed highlights give you. You are also the right candidate if you have some gray hair you would like to cover while having your hair color look natural!

The word "highlights" might sound scary, but highlights do not need to look extremely noticeable. Often times, they are very subtle and look as if the sun naturally colored your hair! If you'd like them to be noticeable though, they can be that as well! For us, we just want them to blend seamlessly.

Here are three gorgeous photos of different guylights. The first photo on the left shows a man with dark blonde hair with just a few subtle highlights; the second photo on the right shows a man with naturally black pigmented hair with just a few subtle highlights to blend some gray hair; and the third photo on the bottom shows a man with naturally black pigmented hair with a full head of noticeable highlights. All looks are different, but they are oh so gorgeous!

We always love adding dimension to hair, and we think that men should know that dimensional hair can be a possibility for them just as much as it is for women! 2020 hasn't been the year of many great things, but it can be the year of one good thing at least. Let's make 2020 the year of guylights!

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