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Last month, we decided to switch out a few of our product lines. Now, the majority of the products you'll find in SP's doors are made by R+Co, although we also carry most Sebastian products and a few Phyto products. We love R+Co so much and felt extremely honored that THEY reached out to us, so we immediately switched over!

One thing we especially love about the products are the scents! They are all delicate and unisex. They smell so good that R+Co even created their own gel perfume you can find upon checking out at our front desk! All of their scents are created without the addition of alcohol, so they will wear out throughout the day, and that is why they created the perfume that you can keep reapplying. This way, the scent lasts, and you don't have to smell like a million different things (shampoo, conditioner, perfume, etc)!

In addition to not having any alcohol in their products, R+Co is 100% vegan. Since the products are vegan, the ingredients do settle, and you will have to shake them before each use. This ensures that all of the ingredients mix and you are using each product to its full potential.

Another thing that is extremely lovable about R+Co is the packaging. Each container has a different image on it, and they ALL stand out! My favorite part about each image is that they are all amateur pictures taken by R+Co staff. Chiffon's container (the product shown in the video below) is actually a picture of one of the R+Co team member's blouse. Another product named Vicious is packaged with a picture of some self-applied nails bought from a drugstore. All of them are really cute and clever, and we promise you'll notice!

On top of all of these amazing things, the products REALLY work! We have never sold so much product so quickly. Everything does EXACTLY what it says it will while still keeping the integrity of your hair and keeping you feeling good and clean! Everyone has noticed thus far, so we know you will too!

There really is nothing better than a hair product that smells good, uses quality ingredients, looks cute on your vanity, AND works! We would 100% recommend coming in and giving R+Co a try (and a smell). You'll be ecstatic you did!

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