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Balayage as Told by The Receptionist

It's no secret that everyone wants balayage nowadays. Balayage hashtags are running rampant; boomerangs are being made fabulous; and hairstylists are now wanting to become 'balayage experts.' So, what exactly is this balayage you ask?

I have no training in hair color, as I'm assuming you don't either. That's why I figured I'd be the perfect person to explain my understanding of balayage, and why I absolutely love it.

Balayage is a form of hand painting highlights onto hair. This gives highlights a natural look rather than the stripey look of the past. In other words, balayage makes your hair look like it was highlighted by the sun and with this comes minimal upkeep just as if the sun had actually done it.

As time goes on, your hair will continue to look amazing. In the past, highlights needed to constantly be retouched, as there would be an obvious line of hair color growing out from the scalp. Now, hair color at the scalp blends beautifully with balayaged highlights. With this beautiful blending, we typically recommend a new balayage every three months (depending on the look you want, we may suggest one sooner or to wait even longer for your next!).

Your hair is a beautiful thing; balayage is a beautiful thing; let's 'blend' the two!

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