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Biggest Spring Hair Color Trend of 2023

Spring has sprung, and that means we are waving goodbye to the winter hair color trends of 2022! Instead, we are enthusiastically waving hello to the biggest spring hair color trend of 2023- slightly darker hair with dimension. We are absolutely loving it!

In the fall and winter seasons of 2022, we were coloring almost everyone's hair darker. So many people came in wanting to become a brunette. This spring, we are noticing that many people still want to go darker, but they are now wanting to go subtly darker with either keeping or adding dimension. We LOVE this because we never think it's a great idea to have monochromatic hair or to go drastically darker, so we think this is a much more manageable trend.

Lately, we've either been glossing people's current highlights darker, or we have been applying an all-over color while adding some highlights. By glossing people's current highlights, we are just deepening their hair tone by a few levels. This will eventually lighten up with shampooing which is the perfect look for spring, as it will seem as though the sun is naturally lightening the hair. For those clients that we apply an all-over color, we take them darker than their natural hair color, and then we add some highlights. The highlights help break up the deepened color and make it look as if it was also naturally lightened by the sun.

As you can see, although it is still very much so in fashion to have darker hair color this spring, the real trend is making it look natural and sun-kissed. If you've always wanted darker hair but have been too scared to go drastically darker or have monochromatic hair, now is your chance to follow the trend while still being true to your wants! Slightly darker hair with dimension is the hair color choice of 2023; will you try it?

Here are some before and after photos showcasing this trend! The first two photos are the after pictures and the last two photos are the before pictures. It's a beautiful trend isn't it?

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