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Fall Hair

As the weather gets colder and tans fade, people often feel the need to color their hair darker. While this will always be a standard fall fashion, we believe it should be done properly. What does this mean? It means that even with going darker, there should always be DIMENSION in your hair!

Taking hair darker while keeping and/or adding dimension is truly a process that only trained, professional hairdressers can execute beautifully. Sometimes, we color the hair darker and then highlight on top of it; sometimes we add lowlights; sometimes we color the hair all over while keeping some of the lighter hair out; and sometimes we just gloss the hair! It's often times hard to know which method will be the best for our client until we see them in person. With that being said, it's always smart to come in for a consultation or email us photos of your hair currently and photos of what you are hoping to accomplish! This way, we know how much time to roughly mark out.

Have you been wanting to color your hair darker? Are you wanting to be a part of this timeless fashion trend? Well, check out our instagram at @stevenpapageorgesalon for some inspo, and come on in!

Before- light and brassy, grown out highlights

After- deepened and refreshed highlights

Before- grown out and brassy highlights

After- deepened color with lilac highlights

Before- grown out and light balayage highlights

After- deepened balayage highlights

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