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Get Shagged This 2023

It’s no secret that Miley popularized the shag haircut this time around. She wore that mullet with pride, and people jumped all over the trend. However, not everyone wanted a mullet nor did it look good with everyone’s hair type. That is where the general term ‘shag’ came into play.

Generally, a shag haircut is a cut that has been layered to various lengths with volume and a wispy bang. It can be long, short, or mid-length and also looks good on thick or thin hair. Based off of all of this versatility, I’m sure you can see why it is so popular!

Some shags can require styling maintenance whereas others just require a tousle with some product to have you ready for the day. This range of maintenance also makes the shag a very popular hairstyle for all sorts of lifestyles. If you love doing your hair every morning, a shag with exaggerated bangs could be perfect for you; if you’re someone who has hardly any time in the morning, a slight shag cut could actually be of service to you, as it is low-maintenance yet has a lot of style to it!

Here we have posted some photos of various shag haircuts we have done at Steven Papageorge Salon for education and inspiration. As you can see, they all have differences and similarities. Which is your favorite?

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