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Lighting is IMPORTANT

Updated: Jul 31, 2019

This past week on our Instagram, @stevenpapageorgesalon, we've had a couple posts on lighting and the difference it makes on the appearance of hair color. I wanted to go into more depth on this subject here, as it is very important yet often overlooked. Lighting makes ALL the difference in the world!

Below, I have attached two photos that beautifully show the difference that natural lighting and indoor lighting make on hair color. The picture to the left (bottom photo if on mobile device) was taken outdoors, and the picture to the right (top photo if on mobile advice) was taken near a window under CFL lighting indoors. The hair in both photos is stunning without belief, yet the color looks different in many ways.

Though the two photos clearly look slightly different, the differences may not be 100% obvious to someone who doesn't do hair for a living. In the photo on the left/bottom, her hair has much brighter tones than her hair in the photo to the right/top. Her hair is also shinier in the photo on the left/bottom, and her lowlights are less visible, as there is more sunlight to brighten these up. The sun, without a doubt, makes her seem 'blonder.'

Overall, although the hair color is the same in both pictures, her hair may seem 'blonder' to many people in the photo on the left/bottom. It's important to keep this in mind when finding a picture of your *dream* hair color to bring into the salon. Lighting will ALWAYS make a difference in the look of the hair color, so if the picture of your *dream* color is taken outdoors, it is a good idea to imagine it more subdued like her hair in the photo on the right/top, as that is how it will appear in the chair. If this is hard for you to do, it is a great idea to look for a photo taken in regular indoor lighting like the photo on the right/top (no ring lights and no filters, as these will change the appearance of the color as well)! Whatever picture you choose, just make sure you look at it with these bits of wisdom in mind!

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