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Happily Ever Borrowed Partner

Brides to be- we have some exciting news! We have just partnered up with Happily Ever Borrowed. This partnership will make your bridal hair trial so much easier as well as much more affordable!

Happily Ever Borrowed is a company that allows you to rent 3 different bridal hair pieces for two days to see which looks best for your trial! All it costs is $50, and when you return the three pieces they give you a $25 credit for the day of your actual wedding! It is as easy and convenient as possible.

Many times, a future bride will order a beautiful hair piece online, and when it comes it is not what she had in mind. Either, it looks different, it's of poor quality, and/or it is impossible to incorporate with the hair style she is looking for. Getting able to try 3 hair different hair pieces and RETURN them at the end of the hair trial is absolutely genius.

We are super thrilled about this partnership. Make sure to schedule your bridal hair trial by giving us a call at (847) 864-2655. Through our personal partnership with Happily Ever Borrowed, we have our own code that gives our brides FREE SHIPPING on all orders made! Make sure to ask for it once you call, and happy planning!

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