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'Lived In Hair' Certified


Ellie: When and where did you attend Anh Co Tran's class?

Analie: It was in Birmingham Alabama, and I attended in August of 2021.

Ellie: What was the age range of the students taking the class?

Analie: I was definitely the oldest. I would say the average age in the class was late 20s, and the youngest person was probably about 20.

Ellie: Why did you attend this class?

Analie: I attended this class to stay current in trends while also sharpening my haircutting skills. In addition, I love giving my clients the absolute best when it comes to their hair, and Anh Co Tran is the very best!

Ellie: Do you think it was all worth the trip?

Analie: I most definitely do! Continuous education is the key for staying current in the hairdressing industry.

Ellie: What certificate did you receive for completing this course?

Analie: I received the Advanced Hands-on certificate for Lived In Hair. My certificate is even signed by Daniel Kim, Nina Adado, and Anh Co Tran himself!

Ellie: What does this certificate mean?

Analie: This certificate means that I value my clients; it means that I always want to be able to give them the most current hairstyles, if those are the ones they desire. Anh Co Tran has the most pinned and saved haircuts in the world, so I wanted to be able to offer these styles to my clients.

Ellie: How many people in Illinois have this certificate?

Analie: As of January 13th, 2022, I am the only person in Illinois with this certificate!

Ellie: Do you feel you are better at cutting hair after taking this hair course?

Analie: Of course! What's extra interesting is that I took a course with some similar teachings 22 years ago from Toni and Guy (the company Anh Co Tran received his training from). The funny thing is, I never really utilized what I learned from the Toni and Guy class because I wasn't as interested then. This class was different though, and it really goes to show that when the student wants to learn, the teacher will appear!

Ellie: What was your biggest takeaway from the class?

Analie: My biggest takeaway is that I still love to learn and that I am always open to new and/or recreated techniques.

Ellie: Is there anything else you'd like to say before we complete our interview?

Analie: I would like to say that even though Anh Co Tran has the most pinned haircuts in the world, he is EXTREMELY humble. He was an absolute joy to learn from!

Ellie: Well thank you for your time Analie. I can't wait to see what you do to my hair next!

Analie: I look forward to it! Thank you for your time Ellie.

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