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You know that moment- the moment you look in the mirror and realize you should've been in an SP chair like 10 days ago. You call (847) 864-2655 begging to be seen that day, and I have to tell you that our next availability is next week. You mentally beat yourself up for not calling sooner, but you were busy!!! Those snooze buttons don't hit themselves after all.

This is the prime example as to why prescheduling should be your best friend! Did you know that before you even leave the salon, you can schedule your next appointment? Just like many things, hair has a predictable schedule of its own. At SP, we can look at your past hair-service history and see how often you typically come in. We can then schedule your next appointment based off of YOUR HAIR'S schedule.

Not only can we schedule your next appointment for you, but we can also remind you about it! 24 hours before your appointment, you'd get a confirmation email that you can open to let us know you're coming. The only reason you'd ever have to call me again is if your plans have changed, and you need to reschedule!

Prescheduling is so convenient. It's done before you leave the salon, and it ensures that your hair is always looking its best! Make sure you do yourself, and your hair, a favor and preschedule the next time you're in!

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15 jun 2019

Ming is a wonderful Hairstylist and everyone enjoys her

Me gusta
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