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Professional Hair Color Formulations

We all want that jaw-dropping hair color. You know the one. The one that keeps your partner’s eyes on YOU.

What many people don’t realize is that a lot of formulation goes into creating this jaw-dropping hair color. When a true colorist formulates, they take into consideration your body heat and the fact that your hair’s new growth is not fully kerotanized; this makes up one formula. The second formula is calculated by taking the color of your mid-shaft and ends, your hair’s porosity, and your previous hair colorings into account. These factors help the stylist choose the right colors and the right types of hair colors for you (Hair colors can be either acidic or alkaline.). A great stylist will create the perfect tones for YOU. This is why box colors from your local convenience store never quite look like what you were ‘going for.’ They are sold to the masses and are not created for YOU. After all, there is a reason hairdressers go through 1500+ hours of schooling.

I would even go as far as saying that hairdressers are cosmetic chemists. That being said, it’s important to go to a professional when you are wanting your hair color done. Your hair and, believe it or not, your wallet will be so happy that you did!

Box color.

7 hour color correction that could have been avoided.

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