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Safety First

What makes Steven Papageorge Salon one of the safest places you can visit? Well, there are quite a few things actually!

Did you know that most disinfectants take at least 4 minutes to work? Have you noticed that when you go into the grocery store, your cart or your self-service screen is "disinfected" seconds before you touch it? Well, truth be told, this isn't doing much for your safety. At Steven Papageorge Salon, however, we take wet contact time very seriously. Before we let any of our clients sit in one of our chairs, we make sure that the disinfectant has been sitting for at least 4 minutes.There is no false sense of security here. What you see is what you get, and we want to make sure it is all proper in keeping you safe!

In our new location we also have extremely high ceilings. This allows for great air circulation. Not only this, but our stations are well stretched out, and we even stagger chairs to make sure people not only stay six feet apart but feel safe while doing so.

As for everything else we are doing to keep our salon as safe as possible, make sure to check out our COVID-19 protocol here: We hope to see you all soon!

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