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SP: A Traditional Salon

There are two types of salons nowadays. One is the traditional salon where stylists are employees encompassing one salon family, and the other is where stylists rent a chair in a space with salon fixtures, although there are movements in many states making this illegal, so you may not find these salons in your state.

If you’ve ever stepped foot into Steven Papageorge Salon, you can immediately tell we are a traditional salon. There is a family feel from the second you walk in. Each stylist wants the best for each other, and the owners and management work hard to build up each employee. In fact, Steven Papageorge does not hire any stylists that have worked in any other salon in Evanston because we know how much work other salon managers and owners have put towards building up their employees. We truly believe in respecting our salon community because we see the importance in keeping salons as traditional salons.

At Steven Papageorge, if the stylist you are seeing is running late, another stylist will give you something to drink and get you shampooed; this ensures that you are out on time and that their friend/coworker catches up so he/she does not run behind for anyone else. We are happy to help each other out because, as a traditional salon, it is our priority to make sure each and EVERY client walks out happy whether we specifically service them or not.

You will even find it possible to make an appointment at any time of the day and even on days off. Our manager and owners are constantly on their phones answering calls, emails, and messages via different social media platforms and advertisements. They make it a priority to ensure each employee is busy and that the salon strives.

Steven Papageorge Salon is proud to have remained a traditional salon through the past 35 years and intends to do so for the next 35+ years. We love our industry and would love to see it prosper in the most beautiful, authentic, and integrity-filled way. We urge you to give your business/talent to traditional salons too; you will notice the difference immediately!

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