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Summer 2023 Hair

We're already starting to see shorts in the clothing stores, so that means it's time for summer hair! We're here to tell you what the biggest trends this summer will be in terms of hair color and cuts. Long and light are the key words here!

We've seen some rather trendy styles over the past couple of years, but we're here to tell you that plain-Jane is in this summer! People will be going for simplistic and natural effects. This means, whether you're a brunette, blonde, or a redhead, lighter and brighter is in! This is because the sun naturally lightens hair over the summer, and people want a sun kissed look for their hair this year. Does this mean that everyone's going platinum? No, most people are looking for dimensional highlights with a rooted look. These have always been classic, but, now they're not only classic, they're trendy too!

As far as cuts, people will be keeping their hair long with subtle layers. Healthy hair is key this summer, so trims are definitely in style (as they always should be). For some reason, people always love keeping their hair long over the summer and cutting it short in the winter. Does this make sense as far as keeping ourselves warm and cool? Definitely not, but we're into it nonetheless!

Less is more this summer, but having a beautiful hair color and cut is definitely in style. Put your sunscreen on, and let us do the job of the sun. Lighter, brighter, and healthy is the look for the summer of 2023!

Gorgeous brunette, blonde, and redheaded highlights on long hair- perfect for the summer of 2023!

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