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Timeless Hair color

Have you ever looked at photos of yourself from the past and wondered what you were thinking? We've all fallen victim to a hair color trend that looked great at the time but proved to be awful as time went on. Trends come and go, but timeless hair color lasts forever.

You might be asking what timeless hair color looks like, and our simple answer to that question is hair color that looks good as the years go on. Have you ever looked at photos of yourself from the past and thought how amazing you looked? Chances are, you had a timeless hair color at that time!

These hair colors tend to be the ones that blend into your natural hair color best. When it comes to going lighter, teasylights and balayages tend to be the techniques that are going to achieve timeless hair color best. This is because these techniques are specifically used to blend the highlights into the roots so that the hair looks sun-kissed. Babylights with a root-tap will also achieve a blended look, as the weave for babylights is so fine that people will think it is your natural hair color! The root-tap accompanied with the babylights will give the same root-blended look that the teasylights and balayages (who also use a root-tap) accomplish.

If you are looking to go darker, it is important to keep or create dimension in this darker look to create a timeless hair color. This is because natural hair color always has some sort of dimension in it created by the sun; hair is never monochromatic naturally. When a stylist takes a client darker with an all-over-color, this creates a monochromatic look unless steps are taken to ensure that dimension is kept or created in the hair. Many times, when people go darker, they want to go lighter right away. This is not the case when the darker hair color has dimension, as it becomes a much more gradual transition for the client. They will look back on these photos and think how beautiful and timeless their hair color looked.

If you are wanting a timeless hair color as described above but don't know what to tell your hairstylist, we have attached some timeless hair colors created here at Steven Papageorge Salon below. Feel free to show these to your hairstylist or to look us up on instagram at @stevenpapageorgesalon. We have PLENTY of timeless hair colors posted here as well! We hope you look back on your photos 20 years from now and know how great you looked!

Blonde hair created with a combination of Dimensional brunette created with

balayage and babylights babylights and teasylights along with a

timeless bridal hairstyle

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