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Weekly Blowouts = Game Changer

Does your hair ever look as good as it does the day you walk out of the salon? Unless you yourself are a stylist, the answer is most likely not. Why is that you may ask? The color might fade, and the cut will definitely grow longer, but it is truly the styling that makes all the difference in the world. That being said, have you tried a weekly blowout?!

Today, one of our amazing stylists had a free thirty minutes and my head was killing me from a headband I was wearing. I immediately took advantage of this 30 minutes and asked the stylist if he could pretty please wash my hair. He gladly did, but he surprised me when he offered to blow-dry it. (I never get just-because blowouts!) As soon as he had blown out my hair, I felt like a brand new woman. I finally realized why so many women get weekly blowouts; it is a total confidence booster!

I kid you not, I felt like a super woman. Not only was my hair clean, but it was perfectly voluminous and coiffed. Not to mention, my 4 month old hair color looked brand new. To all the women who have been getting weekly blowouts for some time now, I completely understand you. For all the women who haven't tried a just-because blowout, I HIGHLY recommend it! Even if it isn't a weekly blowout, a just-because blowout is 100% self-care; I assure you, you will feel like a queen during and after this service! I am blowout hooked!


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