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COVID-19 Hair Maintenance

The world as we know it has halted. Truth be told, it will probably be changed in many ways forever. One thing that will remain though is your hair.

We are very excited to be scheduling appointments for May and June, and we hope these will remain. Until then, and in case they get pushed back farther, we're here to provide some tips on how to maintain your hair color at home. If you need any help with application, please reach out to us at (847) 864-2655, or send us an email at

If you have been coloring your hair to cover up grays, we highly suggest visiting They are by far our favorite brand in this department. Under the 'products' tab, click on 'Root Cover Up.' This is your golden ticket! Purchase the color that best matches your hair. Once you receive it, we suggest leaving it outside for 24 hours before bringing it into your home, as we are suggesting with any packages right now. Once you're ready to use it, grab the applicator with one hand while pulling down your hair to create tension with the other hand. Start applying the powder (it has the consistency of an eyeshadow), and gradually build on product until you are satisfied with the coverage. Continue this to finish covering all of your roots. You can also use this same technique using a matte eyeshadow you may already have at home.

If you have been highlighting your hair, you can go to and purchase a 'Root Cover Up' that closely matches the color of your highlights. You will follow the same steps mentioned in the paragraph above except you will use the side of the brush when applying product. While using the side of the brush, start at the beginning of each highlight you want to touch up, and, as if you are painting, gradually stroke the powder towards your scalp. Stop before reaching the scalp for the most natural look.

When it comes to at-home hair color, it should ALWAYS be a day to day thing; it should essentially be hair makeup. This ensures that you are staying safe while keeping the integrity of your hair. Quarantine will not last forever, but we want to make sure that your hair DOES!

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