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Education is KEY

We at Steven Papageorge Salon take education extremely seriously. We love our industry and constantly want to be adding to it. Hair stylists make the world feel better, and it's important to make sure that we are always up to date with our skills!

Did you know that we even own a beauty school in Chicago? Steven bought a cosmetology school in 2002 and transformed it into Steven Papageorge Hair Academy. After being in the salon business for 18 years already at that point, Steven saw a need for more educated hairstylists. The potential hires were not meeting his standards at that time, and he realized it was because they were not receiving what they should have been during their time at school.

Thanks to his emphasis on amazing theory classes, practical classes, and servicing clients, our academy's students feel extremely ready to start their career when it comes time for graduation. Salons in the Chicagoland area love hiring our students, and we do too. In fact, many of the stylists in our salon are Steven Papageorge Hair Academy graduates!

Due to the fact that we know our students receive thorough education, we are extremely confident in hiring our own. It is also a major reason that most clients feel comfortable seeing just about anyone in our salon. Consistency and education are key, and we are proud to say we have both of those things!

Education doesn't just stop at the school however. As many of you may see on our Instagram stories @stevenpapageorgesalon we are constantly having continuous education classes in our salon, our beauty school, and beyond. It is important to always stay up to date with new trends and new techniques for us to keep YOU looking your best.

All in all, education doesn't stop at graduation for us, and it really never should for ANYTHING! Keeping our minds alert and current is so important with everything that we do in life. We promise that when you step through our doors, you will have both extremely talented and educated personnel working on your hair. Education is KEY!

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