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Emily In Evanston

Have you seen Emily in Paris? It's great and all, but Emily in Evanston is where the hype should really be!

As an Evanston community, we at Steven Papageorge Salon teamed up with our Davis St. neighbors Gigi Bottega and Patisserie Coralie to give Emily in Evanston life! Our native Emily has gorgeous hair, some Lily Collins eyebrows, the most perfect outfit, a very tasty macaron, and a Parisian location to fit the part.

Though we completely adore Paris, we love Evanston even more. We believe that together, we can keep Evanston thriving through these uncertain times. When we come together as a community, we grow. Emily in Evanston would've just been Emily without the perfectly crafted hair color, haircut, and style; she would've just been Emily without the gorgeous blouse, jeans, shoes, and purse; and she would've just been Emily without the delicious macaron and coffee. Together, as a community, we made her Emily in Evanston!

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