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If you follow us on Instagram at @stevenpapageorgesalon, you've surely seen us teasylighting! You may have asked yourself what this technique exactly is. If you don't follow us on Instagram, you may be entirely confused as to what a teasylight is. Have no fears everyone, I'm here to tell you about the MAGIC of a teasylight! A teasylight gives you what a balayage can't while also giving you everything a balayage can! Sounds pretty good doesn't it? Well, it is!

When we balayage hair, we surface paint. Essentially, this means that the top layer of the hair is painted while the bottom layer is not. This creates a lot of warmth as the hair is not 100% saturated. That being said, unless you're already pretty blonde, your hair may often times end up more warm than you'd like with a balayage (unless you want warmth!). The benefit of a balayage, however, is that it grows out beautifully and is extremely low-maintenance.

When we teasylight hair, we completely saturate the hair in a foil. This allows us to cut through warmth a lot better and create a brighter and lighter color. A teasylight eliminates the warmth that a balayage creates while also being low maintenance just like a balayage! You may be asking how, as foiled hair is often times thought of as extremely high maintenance hair. This can be true, but it is not with a teasylight because before actually saturating the hair, we TEASE the hair! By teasing the hair, we leave a lot of it out. Only the hair that is not teased in each section gets saturated. This allows everything to blend seamlessly and grow out beautifully!

If you'd like to see what teasylights actually look like, here are some before and afters we have done:

The top photo took two sessions of teasylights to color correct and

go blonde!

The photo to the left took one session of teasylights to color correct!

The above photo took one session of

teasylights to get rid of warmth and go icy!

Aren't teasylights great? We think so too! Be sure to check out our instagram at @Stevenpapageorgesalon for more teasylight pictures!

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